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Smart Hub - Trouble Pairing

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  • Tp0908

    I have done all the procedures outlined but it all failed.  It only do steps 1 & 2 then failed on #3 and show message "X Retry".  I have tried over and over but it always end uo with same result.  I used 3 iphones and an iPad to do the setup.   I even changed my 2.4 Wifi SSID and password.  Restart the Router Modem. Iinitialized Securam and started from scratch.  Still got the same result.  It shows that the device connects with mobile devices because it showed EOSxxxxx wgich indicates that it can connect with the phone but fail in pairing. I guess SECURAM firmware is the problem.  I am very disappointed.  Used it only for less than a year.  Now its no better than a paper weight.  

  • Steve Huff

    I have the same experience as above. I tried all the procedures outlined above but it always fails after steps 1 and 2. I have a strong WAP signal but "signal test" says weak. Moved WAP closer, moved HUB closer, nothing worked. Never been able to get it to work. Very disappointing. 

  • Tp0908

    It's just insane trying to make it work.  

    My Securam had another problem of draining the battery.  On new set of batteries, 1 bar is gone after a week and about a little over 2 months it needs replacement. I put that damn Securam in the trash.  

    Tried to reach out for Securam customer support 3 months ago but there's nothing new in what they advised - factory reset to erase everything and start all over. I even told them that already did that multiple times and they shoot the same to me.  Too bad I had it for a year and a few days - no more warranty. 

    I already replaced it with Eufy C220 with advertised 8 months battery life.  I've been using it  quite heavily for over 2 months now and battery status still indicates full.  It is more responsive with fingerprints.  Securam is very picky in positioning the finger in the reader.  Also, the numeric keypad must be pressed firmly.  

     Securam, your no good! 


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